Andrew Domachowski Masterclass: Memorable Character design for Film and Videogames

In this masterclass Andrew Domachowski (Black Swan, Star Wars, Aquaman, Deadpool 2, Gears of War 4) will take the class through a character design pipeline for games and film.

In a sea of portfolio images scouring the web, we as designers and storytellers need to make our work standout. Classic and perennial design should be the focus in every piece of concept art whether it be a prop, environment, costume or creature. We are constantly reminded of designs that hit us the hardest, that left a lasting emotional impression on us. But why did they? In this class we will attempt to dissect and discuss key components of strong design to utilize for your own work whether it be for personal IP’s or production work.


Part 1: Using examples from known books, films and video games, we will overview memorable and iconic designs from key characters and what makes them unique. We will also be looking at how shape language can evocatively drive the design to stir the viewer. Tone, narrative, colour, photography and reference will also be discussed in how they play a pivotal role in strong character and creature design.


Part 2: Students will be tasked to (re)design one or more key characters from a given book, video game or film and use the narrative and reference provided to drive their ideations. Focus on proper reference gathering and initial sketches will be the key focus in this part of the class. We’ll be looking for narrative continuity in the overall design with an emphasis on overall strong and simple graphic reads that will make the design identifiable.


Part 3: After coming up with a strong idea of where the design should go, individuals will be tasked to push the design to a finish. We will discuss style, rendering, the use of photography and overall portfolio presentation.


Class Size
20 students maximum.


Items and materials recommended:
Laptop (equipped with photoshop) with tablet
OR iPad (with sketchbook pro)
Paper and pencil also works great.
Proudly supported by Weta Workshop




June 9 @ 09:00
9:00 am — 6:00 pm (9h)

Te Ara Hihiko

Andrew Domachowski

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